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Inspirational Thoughts

The purity and security of unconditional love opens and lifts the heart, mind, and spirit! Question: When true love comes gift wrapped with no strings attached, will you be a ready and willing recipient?

When you keep putting one foot in front of the other you’re bound to end up somewhere. Destination is yours by choice. Make sure you have a plan and load each step with confidence!

Don’t spend a life time absorbing knowledge only to ignore what you’ve learned when you need to be wise.

A life without faith, courage, and wisdom is one that struggles with the challenge of reaching its full potential. Thankfully, clarity comes to those willing to seek it!
Choices are just choices UNTIL followed by actions that have purpose and ultimately reveal your state of mind!

When the threads that connect us are interwoven with prayer, compassion, faith, love, and forgiveness, we become an endless stream of God’s light in the world. O what a blessing!

Lord, you hear my silent thoughts and see me when I try to hide. Your forgiveness and compassion shadow me thru my tests, trials, and tribulations. But it’s your unconditional love that keeps me humble, thankful, and blessed to know the joy of answered prayer.

We live in turbulent times of unrest where disregard for humanity has gone viral. We need relentless prayer warriors who know the art of cleansing heart, mind, and spirit! But, it’s when we dig deep into the core of who we think we are that we discover who we truly are in Christ and represent that!

With the expectation and exhilaration of a child sitting on a seesaw, why not approach every day confident and excited. Besides, possibility is everywhere, and it’s time to embrace it!

IT’S AWESOME to wake up and have something to smile about. But it’s even better to face something that presents a challenge. Don’t let the moment pass for you to discover your own strength and courage.

What you focus on and do daily speaks volumes about how you see yourself! You have to know you’re far too gifted and blessed to live in someone’s background cloaked in darkness! Why not step forward and try ‘front and center’ on for size!


Are you prepared for tomorrow? Did you take what you need from yesterday? Will you continue your journey today with renewed hope, grace, and courage? Hopefully, your answer is yes, yes, yes!



Perfection is a matter of Perception to the one who sees and/or seeks it!

If you could be or do anything else, how quickly would something come to mind? Don’t let circumstances or the affirmations of others keep you shackled in uncertainty. It’s time to be fierce and free to do YOU!

THANK YOU KING OF KING/LORD OF LORD!  It’s because of your selfless act of love that eternal salvation continues to cover all who choose to believe and acknowledge you. What an extraordinary victory! Pray for His continued guidance and wisdom.