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Inspirational Thoughts

Rather than let your mistakes define you, let them put you in a position to explore your strengths and weaknesses. You are a deep well of knowledge, pump from it often!:-)


No more excuses for spinning your wheels and getting nowhere! Do what you gotta do to make what you’re doing with your life feel right! The process gets easier when you find your own voice and trust your instincts!:-)


WAKE UP SLEEPY HEAD! Time is not going to stop for you, BUT it will accommodate you. Take all that potential and creative genius you’ve been holding back and put it to work! Enjoy a blessed and productive day!:-)


O WHAT A BLESSING THAT GOD IS ABSOLUTE PERFECTION! Don’t try to edit what HE’S already said and done! Let HIS light shine in and thru you! Keep praying, praising, and giving HIM the glory!:-)



Make it a top priority to wake up every morning refreshed, expectant, and ready to advance your dream. Remember, there’s also someone else out there who could use a leg up too! PRAY ABOUT IT and PLAY YOUR BLESSING FORWARD!:-)


The most God inspired surprises in life pop up and cause our hearts to flutter with the anticipation of change and the expectation that it’s for our own good. Even so,
no one knows the exact mind of God, but God! Keep praying and listening for His guidance:-)


CAST YOUR NET WIDE into the waters of life! Expect to fill it with all that feeds the imagination and empowers heart, mind, and spirit!:-)


When the last second of this twenty-four hour day expires make sure you’re at peace. Make sure you did your best to set things in motion to embrace tomorrow’s twenty-four hours of God’s awesome grace.



As children, some of us straddled seesaws with mixed emotions. We learned that Anxiety consumed us when we soared high! That Relief washed over us when our feet touched the ground. What childhood experiences can you recall that fill you with mixed emotions?:-)


Life is filled with challenges for a reason. Don’t look at the mountain in front of you with a sigh, look at the challenge it represents! Train your heart and mind to keep looking past what seems impossible!:-)


With our spirits lifted by faith, our hearts filled with love, our minds open to seek God’s wisdom, we become the lighthouse the world needs, if we are to be at peace NOT war!:-)


Just because you haven’t learned to use your imagination, dream big, and keep your expectations high, doesn’t mean you can’t. You’re equipped with everything you need to soar.  BELIEVE IT – BELIEVE IN YOU!  


Pray for an end to all the sadness and mayhem hovering over our lives. Every day, squeeze out all the joy and laughter you can to help bring out the sunshine!:-)


Life is full of surprises that make us smile with lifted spirits and open hearts. So, don’t be surprised today when you discover how AWESOME you are!:-)


Yesterday is behind you! Hopefully, you planted seeds to water today! Expect something positive to grow! Thank God for the blessing! Pray that it fills every tomorrow with purpose!:-)