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Inspirational Thoughts

As 2016 ends and 2017 begins, make it a priority to toss out what’s been holding you hostage. Face the new year with faith, courage, and a made up mind. Straddle your ambitions and ride them all the way to the finish line. PRAY without ceasing and expect to enjoy this next phase of your journey!:-)

When choosing between right and wrong we sometimes miss the mark. But we can’t let those choices keep us from discovering and walking in God’s intended blessings for each of us! Patience, please!:-)

TIME and OPPORTUNITY – neither needs your consent to slip away, so don’t hold back. Life is about moving forward, live yours to the full and running over with grace.

It’s when we think life couldn’t possibly be better that we should PAUSE and make room for life’s unexpected glitches.

DOUBT IS LIKE CANCER! Stop letting ideas filter though your mind that you never explore. Take action and follow through while the mind is still vibrant, fertile, and ready to explore endless possibilities!

THE DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS! It was truly a day of being thankful for God’s Grace and unconditional love! It was a time of reflection and hope and spirits soaring. It was a time for holding hands with family and friends in prayer. Keep playing it all forward!

The power of Christmas lies in the birth of Jesus, our eternal blessing that keeps on giving! Today is the perfect time to release the flood gates of love, acceptance, and forgiveness. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!

Let hope float!  It’s Christmas Eve and the season to spread cheer, forgiveness, and lots of love! Blessings to you and yours!:-)

Blessings don’t give up on us, we give up waiting on God’s timing to make their presence known. Don’t be so impatient that you miss a special move of God!

YOUR LIFE IS FILLED WITH PURPOSE! So, don’t let layers of negativity cover up the fact that you are a beloved child of the Most High!


STOP picking at the scabs of past regrets! STOP allowing them to bleed into the seams of today. Instead, START FRESH and let each scab strengthen and prepare your inner warrior for battle!


To be blessed and highly favored comes with purpose; so, make sure your heart is open and filled with the fruit of the spirit. Stay faithful to your beliefs and pray for those in need!


KEEP IT REAL! It’s not about how high you climb up life’s ladder BUT about what your mind, heart, and spirit embrace on the way down. Either you land on your feet OR crumble in defeat!


God’s already forgiven you! But if you really wanna know what forgiveness feels like you gotta lather it all over yourself and others!


A BETTER US/A BETTER WORLD! We don’t need to have a lot to make a difference in the world, but we do need to have a heart of compassion. The true spirit of living well is giving, caring, sharing, and playing our blessings forward!