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Inspirational Thoughts

Too often, we’re DRIVEN by the very things we find difficult to ignore, especially when we adopt the mantra, ‘Don’t quit ’til you get it!:-)


Rather than spend every waking hour anticipating your arrival at a specific destination  – make every moment about the journey and what it will take to reach one of many destinations you will savor during your life time!:-)


THE PERFECT FIT! Life can be like continually trying on a different pair of shoes to find the PERFECT FIT, but just remember that both change – be ready when they do!:-)


THINK ABOUT IT! There are many what ifs floating around us and not enough time to address them all, except for one we should all ask and pray about daily: How can I help to make the world a better place?


Straight Talk – HAPPY EASTER…

Posted by Leggs on March 27, 2016
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EVEN TODAY We have a choice: focus on the unconscionable acts of violence, murder, and mayhem around the world corrupting our humanity and holding it hostage OR let the weight of prayer, forgiveness, and thankful hearts honor the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the 3rd day of His burial AFTER His crucifixion on the cross!


GO FOR IT! With your heart and mind open and your spirit ready to soar, don’t just dream a little dream, expose it explore it live it!:-)


As we embrace the blessing and holiness of GOOD FRIDAY, which commemorates the suffering and crucifixion of Jesus, let the weight of PRAYER and THANKSGIVING be felt around the world!:-)



As a Child of the Most High, you have an advantage for living your best life! Don’t let anything or anyone make you doubt your birthright – GOD predestined you for greatness!:-)





IMPACT TODAY with a positive action borrowed from YESTERDAY that you can continue to visualize TOMORROW with an unending commitment and passion for positive change!:-)


We’ve all heard that misery loves company – so when it wants to snuggle up all close and personal, STOP whatever you’re doing and SHAKE it off! MISERY IS NOT YOUR FRIEND!:-)

I never wanna imagine a day without these main ingredients to blend together and guzzle down so that I can be at Peace with the world, myself, and God: Hope, Compassion, Forgiveness, Faith, Thankfulness, and Love!:-)





HOPE burns eternal BUT we don’t always reach for its flame. The SPIRIT is willing BUT we’re not always ready! GOD patiently hears our prayers BUT we’re not always willing to wait for His timely answers!:-)


THE POWER OF ONE! A single thought starts the wheels of change moving, a single action generates support for a cause, and one person’s passion for equality and justice can light the way and impact minds [young and old] for generations to come!:-)


Sometimes it hurts too much to care so much – BUT if we don’t, humanity sits on a shelf collecting dust and making it hard for compassion to breathe!:-)


The MIND can be as beautiful as anything you can imagine or as dark as everything you want to avoid. Remove the option of darkness – give your mind permission to stroll down life’s breathtaking path to victory!