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Inspirational Thoughts

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Let’s link arms together and create a protective barrier around all the excited trick-or-treaters ready to dress up, have fun, and eat candy!:-)


DEAR GOD! I may not always know where I’m going OR remember where I’ve been! I only know I gave my life to you to heal my sinful soul! Thank you for loving and forgiving me because you know my heart. I’m so blessed! Amen.


When you go thru life struggling for balance, use it as an opportunity to discover your own strength!


SMILE and BE HAPPY! Keep your head up, your eyes open, and your heart filled with faith, hope, and love. Take the weight of forgiveness off your shoulders and let nothing blemish your day!:-)


As long as we’re willing to live in a world of impossibility we miss discovering what we’re capable of achieving in a world of possibility, which beckons to us every day!:-)


If you really want what you say to have an impact and empower others, make sure your actions speak volumes. Be compelling and own every word!:-)


You know it’s time to revisit your priorities when you’re constantly out of breath from running all over the place but getting nowhere!:-)


Every time we speak words backed by our actions, we create a perfect balance between empowerment and understanding. Use both to become your best self!:-)


EVERY DAY make every effort to illuminate God’s Glory! A few words and random acts of kindness have the power to impact lives in ways you never imaged!:-)


It’s truly a blessing when we can acknowledge the rights of others without forsaking our own. Much can be learned when we respectfully agree to disagree and try to seek common ground!:-)


There’s an on and off switch for what we go thru in life that we can’t always control. But, we can pray for guidance, invoke our will to comply, and persevere stronger and wiser!:-)


Turning away from something or someone might seem easy at first. But the real challenge begins when you identify the problem and try to fix it!:-)


Without works, earning the right to wear a crown of ‘EXCELLENCE’ becomes yet another of life’s elusive entitlements. Don’t let it happen to you!:-)


When you’re uncertain about standing up for your beliefs take a few moments to STOP and REFLECT. Life is a journey filled with lots of twists and turns – PRAY for wisdom and guidance!:-)


Sometimes, it’s the effortless things we do consistently that keep our hope alive and our spirits lifted!:-)