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Inspirational Thoughts

We reveal who we are with confidence when we know who we are without conflict and own it!

There are 24 hrs in a day to shake things up a bit! I hope you do your best to assign purpose to each of them. Pay attention to the quiet noise in your head that you would normally ignore. You got this!:-)

Before you cast your net into life’s deep waters be sure it’s baited with faith, hope, and love. Stay anchored, blessed, and prepared to wait patiently for a move of God!

DO YOU/BE YOU! No one expects you to be perfect, just persistent. Besides, there’s something inspiring and challenging about discovering your own strengths and weaknesses. Perfection is overrated anyway!

Before your day gets too busy and loud for you to hear your own thoughts take the time to ask and reflect where you would be today if not for second chances.

It’s so easy to get caught up in a cause and forget to refuel mind, body, and spirit! Stay mindful that running on empty defeats the purpose of whatever you’re trying to accomplish.

What a blessing to wake up excited and expectant knowing that God has already gift wrapped your day with love! Just say, ‘Thank you, Lordand be sure your actions make you both proud!

Sometimes you have to allow yourself to collapse in God’s arms! Let Him mend the seams of your heart you didn’t know were unraveling because your work is far from over!

LIFE IS A BATTLEFIELD and WE ARE WARRIORS WHO DON’T GIVE UP WHEN LIFE GETS TOUGH! Challenges highlight weaknesses and reveal inner strengths that lead us to VICTORY!

BY THE GRACE OF GOD we live our lives with purpose! With our voices lifted we praise His holy name. With each step taken we pray for strength, courage, and wisdom. Thank you Lord!

Straight Talk – I’m Just Saying …

Posted by Leggs on January 21, 2017
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Not making a choice is a choice! When you wait for others to shoulder responsibility for your choices, destinies are deferred. Don’t surrender the right to choose how you respond to life’s tests, trials, and tribulations.

Don’t let what you THINK you can’t do keep you from following your dreams. Instead, embrace a spirit of ‘I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me’. PRAY, and don’t forget to fuel up on faith, hope, courage, and God’s wisdom!

REFLECT AND REACT! God assigns moments in our lives filled with random reflections we can’t ignore. How long we linger there depends on our ability to break the chains that bind us, one by one!

STOP, take a deep breath, and release it slowly. Life is NOT a competition, it’s a blessing we embrace and share with others. It’s inhaling knowledge, understanding, and wisdom from loved ones (like my mom)  gone too soon. So savor every step of your magnificent journey and remember to leave something behind!

NEVER DOUBT THAT YOU ARE ONE OF GOD’S GREATEST BLESSINGS! Let His peace, love, and wisdom inspire you to leave footprints others want to follow. Create your own heaven on earth and keep playing it forward!:-)