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Inspirational Thoughts

Join me in sending out blankets of blessings and prayers to cover and keep little Halloweeners safe and reaffirm how much they’re loved and matter!:-)


If you never fall down, how will you learn to embrace the challenge of getting back up and realizing a strong, spirited, resilient warrior resides in you!:-)


With authority and privilege comes great responsibility, but not everyone is up to the task – make sure you are!:-)


Embrace today with purpose, patience, and God’s perfect peace as you let love and forgiveness guide you thru loss, fear, and regret!:-)


Flow with NOT against the energy and rhythm of life! By faith, stand tall, resilient, and strong, assured God will show up and out!:-)



It may be tempting to live an ordinary life, to play it safe, to stay in your own lane, but it only takes a leap of faith to live an extraordinary life – go for it!:-)



GIVE GOD THE GLORY! Every breath, heart beat, and second of every day is God’s gift to us – fill them with purpose and thanksgiving!:-)


Even if you can’t avoid the carnage a situation might bring, you can still embrace the challenge! You’re stronger, wiser, resilient, and more creative than you think!:-)









What you think about yourself is colored with history (good or bad, true or false) – BUT what God thinks and sees (every day) is a blank canvas with endless possibility!:-)




Your life is one of the most important nonfiction stories you’ll ever read, make it a page turner! Reveal who you are, where you’ve been, and where you’re going  – your journey is far from over!:-)


Quiet moments can be some of the most empowering moments you ever experience because you aren’t letting the noise of the world intrude!:-)



SMILES and LAUGHTER not only stimulate the heart and mind and bring you joy, they also inspire the spirit to soar to wherever God is!:-)




Wake up believing the world is better because you’re in it, and that we ALL make a difference when we reveal and share our best! Truth is, we’re stronger, wiser, productive and more effective as one race, blessed, equal and united!-)



GOD IS an artist of perfection who uses bold brush strokes dripping with wisdom, patience, and forgiveness to color your life with faith, hope, and love!:-)


ETIQUETTEGood manners should not be exclusive social behavior for some BUT inclusive of ALL. And, if we’re to redefine what is socially acceptable, our actions must speak louder than our words!:-)