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Inspirational Thoughts

We can see the seeds of God’s blessings because He waters and nurtures them daily. He has a plan and a purpose for each of us. Be ready to reap the fruit of His labor and say, THANK YOU:-)


LIFE LESSONS! Our most difficult times can become our best of times! They spotlight our vulnerabilities and challenge us to do better, be better, and embrace our blessings!:-)


Growing old gracefully is not the same as growing old with wisdom. One paves the road to endurance. The other leaves footprints others can follow. Both are passports to self empowerment!:-)


DEAR SISTER MINE! Not all sisters stay bonded from birth thru adulthood like we have. It took a little giant of a woman [our mom] to kneel and pray daily for eight children. It’s a blessing to know her spirit continues to cover us with love! Thank you for being a loving sister, aunt, and friend! I pray God will always leave footprints you want to follow, and memories that make you glow with happiness and a thankful heart! LOVE, ALWAYS! YOUR SISTER, FAMILY, AND FRIENDS!

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INFORMATION HIGHWAY… Don’t overload on too much information, it’s not as awesome as you might think! Now and then the element of surprise is needed to keep your journey interesting, challenging, and rewarding!:-)


Before you take on today’s concerns, acknowledge and appreciate those who consistently encourage you to strive for excellence and plow thru [not around] any forks in the road!:-)




There are many things we can tear our eyes, ears, hearts, and minds away from. Don’t let THE FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT be among them! We can’t get thru life’s horrific acts of mayhem without GOD AND PRAYER!:-)


UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is only one of many gifts Jesus showed us how to give and receive freely by example.Take a moment to consider what unconditional gifts you have to share!:-)


When nothing’s working in your life, STOP everything and PRAY! Pour your heart and spirit into every word BEFORE you say AMEN, then move forward in FAITH!:-)


LIVING may not be easy, but success won’t become a real destination without a plan and a course of action that embraces ‘change’! Remember, this is your life story, so keep it real and relevant!:-)


Life lessons are hard enough when you experience them alone. But why should you when faith, courage, and wisdom are yours to embrace!:-)


Like the climb up a ladder, approach life one day, one rung at a time! PRAY a lot, pause to catch your breath, and expect to lose both your focus and footing along the way! But what you don’t do is give up and quit!:-)


Prayers go up and Blessings come down! Make sure you’re ready to receive them and make something God inspired happen for both you and others!:-)


BUT FOR A CHALLENGE! When you feel like you have some awfully big shoes to step into, don’t panic! Many before you have faced the same challenge and persevered – so will you!🙂