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Inspirational Thoughts

When you pray, believe that God hears every word and sets aside a special blessing for you. So, shake off the notion that He might assign it to someone more deserving. Say ‘Thank You’ and keep following His footsteps! Amen


Sometimes we forget what we’re looking for BUT find what we need! My O My, what a blessing, indeed!:-)


DON’T STOP DREAMING! There’s nothing more rewarding than pursuing dreams that help you help others achieve theirs too!


When you give yourself multiple reasons to love yourself and be loving to others you tend to see the world differently. Keep your heart, mind, and spirit open to receive God’s best!


Be still and patient while you wait to hear God’s Spirit speak to yours. There’s no magic, no hallucinating, just you and God in a series of intimate life changing moments!


TIME TO FLIP THE SCRIPT! The more persistent life’s trials rain over our lives, the more determined we should be to keep pushing forward. Obstacles [like hiccups] might annoy us BUT we don’t have to let them weaken our resolve!


DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING! I pray that lots of unconditional love flowed thru the hearts of family, friends, loved ones, and strangers. It would be a blessing to STOP and reflect on what we can do to be better every day!:-)


HAPPY BELATED THANKSGIVING…I hope everyone woke up feeling LOVED, THANKFUL and BLESSED! Truth is, Thanksgiving should have VIP residence in our hearts 365 days a year. Let’s embrace at least one reason to be thankful. Don’t be surprised if there’s more than one!:-)


GOD NEVER RUNS AWAY FROM US OR OUR OUR ISSUES, BUT WE DO! It takes exceptional resolve and faith the size of a mustard seed to keep your nerve and stay the course!


THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK! Your words are a source of empowerment, but they can also take you on a journey you might not be prepared to navigate. Build a vocabulary that reveals your spirit and expresses your truths and beliefs!


STOP, REWIND, LINGER, PRESS FORWARD! We can’t really make honest projections about where we’re going until we embrace where we’ve been. Heart, mind, and spirit must be open, ready, and set for change!


YOU ARE A BLESSING – NOT A MISTAKE! God never makes mistakes and He won’t start with you! Keep hope alive and your spirit lifted. Be ready to embrace God’s vision and plan for your life!:-)


KEEP YOUR NERVE! Even when willing hands reach out to help you there are some things you have to summon the courage to do alone!:-)


It’s your life, your journey, your story! Own the choices you make and fill them with whatever you need to live a purpose driven life!:-)


IT’S INSPIRING [a sign of leadership] when you’re willing to let others into your personal space. Let ’em see what a happy spirit filled with faith, hope, and love looks like up close and personal!:-)