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Inspirational Thoughts

FRESH START! Sometimes the best thing to do is find a quiet place, reconnect with your inner spirit and let its collective body of wisdom wash over you like a refreshing waterfall!:-)


Even when you’re on the right path, a move of God may not come as quickly as you’d like, BUT His timing’s always perfect – wait on Him, confident and expectant!:-)


ON TIME GOD! Don’t panic when you can’t find something meaningful to say, you have a built-in filter that God will activate – just be still and know that He is God!-:)



Feed LOVEStarve LONELINESSEmbrace PEACESpread HOPEHave FAITHExpect GOD’S BEST for your life – Be PATIENT – Say THANK YOU!:-)



HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SCOTT…It takes an exceptional man to actually be exactly who and what his actions dictate: loving, honest, faithful, dependable, and responsible to a fault! It’s because of your sacrifice and commitment that our daughter and two sons are all gainfully employed college graduates! They all consider you a genius, which makes them and our three grandchildren ‘baby geniuses’ too, according to the gospel of our daughter! The jury deliberated and it’s unanimous: You are an awesome Dad/Grandpa! WE THANK YOU and WISH YOU blessed health, happiness, prosperity, success, and all the Love, Hugs, and Kisses you can stand!:-)



I HOPE it felt great to wake up this morning forgiving yourself for whatever didn’t happen yesterday because you were carrying around excess baggage! Unlock the chains around your heart and give your spirit a reason to soar with joy!:-)


WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 24, 2016: When something goes wrong because of a choice you made, OWN it, PRAY about it, GO FORWARD, and INCLUDE GOD in all decisions, big and small!:-)



PATIENCE, you can’t find solid ground if you keep trying to align yourself with the rhythm of the world, instead of the pace God already set for you!:-)


IF YOU KNEW each day was a gift, bow wrapped with purpose, you wouldn’t let life’s ‘what ifs’ turn you into a skeptic – roll up your sleeves and get busy!:-)


Straight Talk – I’m Just Saying

Posted by Leggs on February 21, 2016
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DON’T BLAME GOD who already gave us the remarkable gift of choice! It’s up to each of us to choose whether to pray for His wisdom and guidance and use them!:-)


MAKE A DIFFERENCE…You can’t be everywhere at once, but you can be where you are and do what you can to make what you do a reflection of what really matters to God and you!:-)


BECAUSE OF GOD’S GRACE we can be happy and filled with peace knowing that purpose will keep us focused and committed to walk by faith!:-)


DO IT ON PURPOSEdecide to enjoy your day like it’s a great big basket of everything you ever hoped for or imagined! Embrace what you need to make it memorable!🙂


Don’t allow bad thoughts to build and send you down a path you never intended to take - SHUT ‘EM DOWN and make room for those that inspire you and cause your spirit to soar:-)


All too often we try to get from God what we already have: HIS ATTENTION! Let’s make sure we put enough time and energy into whatever makes Him smile and continually encourage us!:-)