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Inspirational Thoughts

AN ACT OF KINDNESS is never forgotten because one tends to remember the warmth and color of LOVE!:-)


JESUS [By Example] taught us how to live with authority and integrity. [With Words] HE left timeless images of faith, hope, and love so that we too might become examples to follow!:-)


LIFE IS A JOURNEY and the speed bumps along the way should cause you to pause – NOT stop defeated, ready to give up!:-)


MOMENTS are just moments until you fill them with purpose that inspires you to act! Remember, unexplored good intentions keep you stalled in a safe neutral zone where there is no growth or challenge!:-)



Dipped in Waters of Wisdom – Soaked with Understanding – Lifted by God’s Hands of Grace – Anchored in Mercy – Warmed by Peace – and covered in Love is my prayer for you – HAPPY THANKSGIVING!🙂


THE SUM OF YOUR LIFE is more than any one thing you may or may not go thru or do! You’re more than a conqueror and greater than your last victory, so press on and surrender only to God!:-)


When you allow unresolved situations to leak all over your life, the result is a hot mess followed by silence so that you can hear God whisper, I’m here, and I gave you an enduring spirit to soar thru anything!:-)


TWO DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES…One minute you’re a kid without a care in the world, then all grown up with adult concerns; don’t be afraid to approach life from both perspectives – both have value, both matter!:-)


If you really wanna MAKE GOD SMILE keep your relationship with Him fresh, exciting, and filled with expectation! O what a blessing to share with others!:-)


BREATHE THRU IT… Just when you think you can’t take another step, take a deep breath and exhale a prayer to God, His timing is perfect!🙂


THINK ABOUT IT…Whatever you neglect makes retrieval AND restoration difficult. Whatever you pour your heart into blossoms in due season!:-)


TIME MANAGEMENT! When you respect Time it can be your best friend – its Value and Return are determined by what you do with every second of every day!:-)



SOARING HIGH FOR GOD is to embrace His light! Even when we fall short, His outstretched arms and unconditional love never waver because He knows the human heart!:-)


AIM HIGH! I hope your blessings lift you above all that could harm you or make you doubt your aspirations! Trust, have faith, stay true to yourself, and pray:-)


YOU’RE INVALUABLE! There should never be a price tag high enough to convince you to leave your life to the world of chance – but without faith, hope, and self-love, you leave yourself open and vulnerable!:)