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Inspirational Thoughts

No star shines brighter than the star God sees sparkling inside of you! Never forget that He blessed you to be a blessing!

Be AWESOME FOR GOD! Yesterday, your heart was open and ready to listen to God whisper His wisdom. Today, follow the yellow brick road that leads you to your purpose. But Tomorrow, pat yourself on the back for not giving up on God’s wisdom, purpose, and plan for your life!

You can decide to stop struggling with something or someone you can’t change OR smile and let go. Give yourself time to focus on the good work God is doing in your life and say, THANK YOU!

BLESSINGS! To wake up each morning is an act of Grace. To have something to look forward to is Hope Renewed. To know how to give and receive Love is truly a blessing! Let others know what a blessing they are to you!

For every birthday candle blown out by and for you over the years (we’ll let you count them), God was watching, listening, and taking notes. And, with the innocence of a child, you believed your life would be everything you imaged and so much more. Look at you now, all grown up, married for 40 years with three children who each earned an International Baccalaureate Diploma before earning college degrees and are now gainfully employed. You set the bar for them for learning. Between them, both sons have blessed you with grandchildren (two each between them) and your heart overflows with love. Years ago our daughter proclaimed herself and two brothers ‘baby geniuses’. Now, she proudly extends the title to her nephew and three nieces. She’s beautiful, and enjoying climbing up the corporate ladder and traveling whenever time permits. O what blessings cover your life, Scott. You have been an example and living proof that God never dismisses prayer, even those the size of mustard seeds. We are all so thankful for your sacrifices and embrace them with much love and appreciation. I think God may have broken a few molds before He blessed us with you. Happy Birthday, Scott. We love and appreciate everything you do, including who we’ve become because of you! Enjoy many more to come!
Your Wife and Family
Love now and always!

Sometimes we struggle with something or someone UNTIL we barely remember why. Yet, other times it seems easier to just smile and let go…until next time!

It is MY PRAYER that whatever spirit woke up in you this morning also gave you pause to be still and feel both God’s presence and His arms wrap around you in a loving embrace.
If you can’t be honest with yourself be honest with God. We all need someone in our lives we can trust unconditionally without feeling the sting of regret later.

WHEN WE FALL DOWN we don’t always get up, dust off, and try again. Sometimes we stay down and surrender until we hear God say ‘Get up’ and we obey!

A DIFFERENT APPROACH: Start the day by fueling up on positive emotions guaranteed to enrich your day. So often it’s the little things you do that make the biggest impact!


IN LOVING MEMORY OF DENNIS PRESNELL… Unfortunately, we can’t predict when life will decide to throw daggers that silence the heart, mind, body, and spirit in each of us. There’s no measurable time line to adapt to. But, through Gods’s Grace, we have a life compass that moves us in the direction of God’s perfect plan, will, and purpose for each of us. Don’t waste this ‘once around’ life blessing. Live well, be honest, ‘forgive seven times seven’, and love unconditionally. Share what you learn that might help others. And, pray, pray, pray! God is listening! Safe journey home Dennis Presnell, you’re now among the elite of God’s treasures, gone too soon, but not forgotten. Your spirit lives on in your loving daughter Amy, her two beautiful daughters Emmy and Ayla, and a host of family, friends, and loved ones. It was always God’s plan to receive you with open arms, and say, ‘Welcome home, my child, welcome home!

When your mind STARTS weaving in and out of dark cloudy places, press your STOP button as many times as it takes to claim the victory and regain control! 

TOO OFTEN we pray for God to dismantle our heavy burdens, yet we fail to realize that before we can conquer and be transformed by them we have to go THRU them NOT around them!


We find ourselves in some situations that make it tempting to walk away and not look back. Thankfully, it’s a good thing that’s not always the case because discovering our own strengths and weaknesses takes a bit longer. Besides, a few nuggets of knowledge and wisdom are a lot easier to process and decide what action to take.


We go to bed blessed,wake up blessed, and plant seed that God blessed to reap a fruitful harvest. His blessings abound wherever we are and we would be remiss not to share how good God is all day everyday!