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Inspirational Thoughts

NEW YEAR’S EVE! Time to reflect and redirect your energy and thoughts on 2016 expectations! Don’t focus on what you haven’t accomplished, but what you can and will during this next leg of your amazing journey.You’re only limited by your inability to dream, plan, BELIEVE, and follow thru!:-)


YOU CAN’T MISS what you never had, but I pray that faith, hope, love, and forgiveness shadow your every move until you realize these blessings are eternal and that you are a Child of The Most High!:-)


CHANGE…It’s never too late to disengage from bad behavior! Change the way you view the world, your part in it, and you will demystify the rules of engagement concerning change!:-)


I PRAY YOU SEE grace and possibility everywhere you go and that you receive both as God’s plan at work in your life! Keep your head up, faith strong, and patience long!:-)



WHEN YOU PRAY for time and get it, don’t waste it! God’s promises are embedded in every second of uninterrupted favor He grants, so pray for wisdom and make things happen!:-)



I HOPE your Christmas was filled with Grace, Faith, and more Determination than ever to live your best life, to be of service, to remember you’re a child of the Most High, and that all lives have value and should matter to you because they matter to God!:-)



MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! We’re so blessed to be here, and the greatest blessing we can share world wide is to LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY and LIGHT A CANDLE to honor precious loved ones no longer with us! May the warmth and glow from their spirits always remind us to do and be better, to strive for excellence, to embrace hope, peace, and forgiveness!:-)




IT’S CHRISTMAS EVE! Let peace and love fill every chamber of your heart! Let joy give your spirit every reason to soar as we embrace the blessing of what Christmas means to everyone, everywhere!:-)



STOP seeking the approval and validation of others! You were born with an indestructible spirit, nothing missing or broken in the eyes of God – don’t let doubt and fear make you anything less!:-)


LORD, take me to heights I’ve never been, rivers I’ve never crossed, valleys I’ve never explored, and doors I’ve never opened to spread and share a timely word someone needed to hear! Thank you!:-)


PRIDE can and will give you a ride wherever you want to go, but you’re the only one who can decide if the price you pay is worth the trip!:-)


LET GO/LET GOD! It might be hard to conceive this truth, but you have EVERYTHING you need to live your BEST life if you would just get out of your own way!:-)


I HOPE YOU KNOW you’re not a one hit wonder, so don’t sell yourself short or accept someone else’s spin on what you’re about! When you push past your barriers, FREEDOM is your reward!:-)


TRY IT! Sometimes it takes but a gentle nudge or a few words of ENCOURAGEMENT to help someone find their way out of the darkness!:-)




If you are NOT happy, now would be a good time to not only find out why, but also what ‘trigger’ keeps making you slide down the same rabbit hole! If you don’t, sadness will keep siphoning away your happiness!:-)