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Inspirational Thoughts

Whether you’re on a beach or some awe-inspiring place that makes you feel like all is right with the world, hold on to that moment as long as you can. Life has a tendency of lulling us into a false state of calm before the storm. Make sure you’re up for the challenge!


It’s so easy to take issue with what others have to say. Silently, we condemn them for having a point of view that they dare to share! Instead of shooting others down, SAY SOMETHING POSITIVE!

We all want something tangible in life to hold onto. But not all of us are willing to take inventory of what no longer helps us to keep growing! 


Don’t wait on ‘someday’ to clear a path to realize your dream. Decide today to carry something forward from yesterday and play it forward. And when tomorrow comes, be ready to do it all again.

I often wonder how many of us know who or what keeps us both grounded and connected. Especially, in a world that demands heart-felt responses [from each of us] as proof of life. Prune away whatever stunts your growth!


I hope you saw the glow of love on your face when you looked in the mirror this morning. Hopefully, it made you smile and expectant about the blessings God has planned just for you!

January 18, 1928 – March 25, 2009
Remembering the Phenomenal Life of a Phenomenal Woman
Mom, you were that rare exceptional butterfly perched on the shoulders of eight children. You whispered pearls of wisdom in our ears to live by. You were the spring in our steps, the light in our eyes, and the joy in our hearts. You were the hand we reached for, the smile we craved, and the voice we knew so well. You were a million stars that lit up the sky to help us find our way. You were food for our souls and peace in our hearts. You were love, laughter, hugs, and kisses. You were everything right about living right. You were [and always will be the example of what it means to do better and be better when you know better. You were inspiration, possibility, strength, courage, and grace under fire! You were many things to many people. But Mom, most of all, you were God’s Beloved, His loyal and faithful servant!
Your spirit will always be the gift that keeps on giving simply because

It’s a blessing to have people in your life who actually care about you and lift your spirit. Some even challenge your mind and protect your heart. Play it forward and take nothing for granted!

If you’re afraid to be touched by greatness, get out of the way! But if you’re not afraid, embrace it and discover how incredibly awesome you are. Don’t put a ceiling over what you’re capable of achieving!

Like a fork in the road, God never fails to get our attention and challenge us daily! Our response should always represent a reflection of God’s unconditional love that resides in all of us!

WHEN THINGS DON’T GO YOUR WAY, TRY NOT TO PUFF UP LIKE A BALLOON AND LEAVE YOURSELF VULNERABLE! With the prick of a needle anyone could deflate both your ego and wounded pride! Embrace victory NOT defeat!


Stop depending solely on the gift of yesterday when today is so vibrant and open. Use this as an incentive to build on what you need to embrace tomorrow as a seasoned warrior!


Every God-Given moment that separates me from loud noises in my head trying to distract me is indeed a blessing. Their only purpose is to keep me from hearing God’s voice.

PEACE can be elusive when you seek it, yet soothing like a warm summer breeze when you need it most. Keep praying for God to show you how to let go and let Him do what only He can.

HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY! Spread the kind of love that brings joy and laughter into the lives of others and turns frowns into smiles. Be safe and have lots of fun!