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Inspirational Thoughts

SPREAD THE NEWS:YOU’RE HERE ON PURPOSE…never let anyone try to hand you a different press release!:-)


YOU ARE A MIRACLE – NOT life’s punching bag or a feather endlessly blowing in the wind! Take off the cloak of a victim and replace it with one of a warrior. Your journey is far from over, don’t give up, dig in and believe:-)


SILENCE CAN SPEAK VOLUMES!When you look around trying to connect with something/anything yet, the MIND is BLANK, don’t panic, LIFE is just pushing the PAUSE button for you! We get SIGNALS all the time, but don’t always take time to REST in them!:-)


WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO FUEL your passions, dreams, ideas, and relationships? Don’t let your ‘excuses’ become your ‘jailer’ as you wait for a key to unlock that perfect moment of clarity!:-)


WE PRAY for what we ‘think’ we need and embrace what we ‘already’ have, knowing God’s timing is perfect, His plan is consistent, His attention to detail is thorough, His love is eternal, and His light shines in each of us!:-)


You’re Not Alone: If you ever think of giving up because your best doesn’t seem enough, be brave enough to start the conversationsomeone’s out there with a wide open spirit, eager to start the healing process with you and play it forward!:-)


OPEN INVITATION…Be intense, enriched with conviction that when you pray, God will not only answer but also soften the rough edges in your life and nourish your spirit with love and the oil of forgiveness!🙂


IF YOU CAN’T IMAGINE the life you want, you can’t initiate a plan of action that will ensure success – so come on, let’s get those wheels of imagination rolling!:-)


MISTAKES CAN INSPIRE US…if we let them! They push and bully us to figure out what went wrong and what we’re doing with our lives – don’t miss out on this blessing!:-)


What are you allowing to wrap itself around your life? Is it positive? Does it make you feel safe and secure OR uncertain and worried? My prayer for you is that whatever it is makes God smile and say, ‘Well done, my child, well done!’


GRACE…We all get caught up in life’s random intrusions that hold our attention Until GOD’S GRACE fills the spirit with an overflow of blessings we can choose to embrace, say,’Thank You, Lord’ and move on!:-)


NO LIMITS! What you consider YOUR BEST EFFORT is just a taste of YOUR CREATIVE GENIUS that should never allow you to concede defeat – BELIEVE THERE IS MORE!:-)


When you fall OR think you failed at something, don’t waste valuable time commiserating about it! Stay Focused, your journey should be about opportunity, possibility, and application!:-)


SO BLESSED…All around us, we see GOD’S confirmation of incredible foresight and unparalleled creative genius! HE left nothing undone, including a path that leads us to HIS plan for OUR redemption!:-)


STOP IT! Why are you desperately flipping through the pages of every media source hoping to find that elusive ‘How To Secret’ for having it all when the key already resides in you!:-)