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Inspirational Thoughts

Lord, you hear my silent thoughts and see me when I try to hide. Your forgiveness and compassion shadow me thru my tests, trials, and tribulations. But it’s your unconditional love that keeps me humble, thankful, and blessed to know the joy of answered prayer.

We live in turbulent times of unrest where disregard for humanity has gone viral. We need relentless prayer warriors who know the art of cleansing heart, mind, and spirit! But, it’s when we dig deep into the core of who we think we are that we discover who we truly are in Christ and represent that!

With the expectation and exhilaration of a child sitting on a seesaw, why not approach every day confident and excited. Besides, possibility is everywhere, and it’s time to embrace it!

IT’S AWESOME to wake up and have something to smile about. But it’s even better to face something that presents a challenge. Don’t let the moment pass for you to discover your own strength and courage.

What you focus on and do daily speaks volumes about how you see yourself! You have to know you’re far too gifted and blessed to live in someone’s background cloaked in darkness! Why not step forward and try ‘front and center’ on for size!


Are you prepared for tomorrow? Did you take what you need from yesterday? Will you continue your journey today with renewed hope, grace, and courage? Hopefully, your answer is yes, yes, yes!



Perfection is a matter of Perception to the one who sees and/or seeks it!

If you could be or do anything else, how quickly would something come to mind? Don’t let circumstances or the affirmations of others keep you shackled in uncertainty. It’s time to be fierce and free to do YOU!

THANK YOU KING OF KING/LORD OF LORD!  It’s because of your selfless act of love that eternal salvation continues to cover all who choose to believe and acknowledge you. What an extraordinary victory! Pray for His continued guidance and wisdom. 

Sometimes finding our own way can prove difficult! Especially, if we don’t know what to look for. But, perhaps a scrap-book would be a good place to create an accurate time line of our visual experiences. After all, pictures aren’t suppose to lie, right?:-)

Expect to wake up happy, at peace, and ready to keep anything or anyone from stealing your joy! Count your blessings, embrace the gift of second chances, and say, ‘Thank you, Lord!’

 “I am from strength, courage, and faith! From the dreams that my parents and grandparents had for me. I am from a family where ‘can’t’ isn’t in your vocabulary. From, “If you’re gonna do it, do it right!” And, “I’m not mad, I’m disappointed,” which was always worse than anger! I am from “No TV before homework.” From late nights and early AP and IB testing. I am from Lego’s, Barbies and GI Joe’s. From Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo. Weekends of just me, my blue Yoshi, and my frozen grapes. I am from birthday parties at Chuck E Cheese. Holiday dinners and BBQ’s with the family. I am from whoop-in’s, “You’re grounded,” and “Go get the belt!” From, “This is gonna hurt me more than it hurts you,” which never felt quite true. I am from hot pink high tops, Necco Wafers and Bubble Yum. From, “You better be home when the street lights come on.” I am from Christmas stories read to my brothers and me. From ‘family nights’ spent decorating the Christmas tree. I am from hard work, integrity, and pride. From ‘Morning Inspiration’ texts from Mom to start the day off right! I am from “I love you, love you, love you’s, and “I know you’ll be all right’s.” I am from the love and support of my family. They are my guiding light!”  – Stephanie M Leighton

Stephanie, you wrote this as a school assignment years ago, and I still cry when I read how freely you opened your heart in a school assignment. You were so young, yet able to process your feelings and put them to pen and paper. I’m so glad you did, and that I saved it for a special moment like this to share with the world. You are and always have been so wise beyond your years with so much love, laughter, and compassion for all those around you. We’re all so very proud of you and wish you nothing but love and blessings today and always! Stephanie, we couldn’t love you move if we tried because YOU ARE AND ALWAYS WILL BE

Love, Your Family


Don’t leave the door open for anyone to waltz into your life. If you do, they might try to convince you they know what’s best for you. So keep your nerve and safe guard your mind, heart, and spirit.

Wake up with intent and purpose every morning. Challenge the last challenge you made to keep things current and fluid. Turn possibility into reality and soar into your full potential!

Your best life is in front of you NOT behind you. But, you have to wake up and pay attention. Remember, God has always had a plan and a purpose for your life!


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