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Inspirational Thoughts

Give yourself permission to be fearless and unafraid to speak your own truth because your perspective matters! 

Just about everything we do is motivated by something. Even when we don’t know what that something might be, we still owe it to ourselves to figure it out!

WHAT A BLESSING TO BE 84 YEARS YOUNG TODAY! We’re blessed to have you in our lives and hope you know we appreciate your sacrifices throughout the years. Our children and their children are covered by the prayers you pray on their behalf. In fact, we’re all blessed and grateful that God continues to cover you with His perfect peace and keep you safe. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!
Love, Scott, Tommy, Alice, Grands and Great Grands

Think about what makes you smile and eager to embrace your day. When you do,faith, courage, and wisdom are sure to follow.


When your daily routine begins to feel robotic yet normal, it’s time to STOP, regroup, and consider a few things. Are you growing or running in circles yielding the same results? Make sure your actions take you on a healthy, whole, progressive journey of enlightenment!

TIME OUT! When you don’t know what to do with your broken pieces, let go and let God make you whole again. He’s only a prayer away!

LIFE IS A JOURNEY! Everything we do and say peels away layers of ourselves. Each layer reveals another glimpse of who we are and what hoops we’re willing to go thru.


You are at the top of your game when your actions confirm the conviction behind the words you speak!

TO OUR BEAUTIFUL GRANDDAUGHTER, EMMY – HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Every day is special, but today is extra special because we’re celebrating two years of having you in our lives! Your smile lights up a room. Your spirit is fierce and eager to embrace life. There’s no doubt that you’re headed for greatness. We are so blessed to have you grace our lives and bring us so much joy! We hope your day was as special as you are! Never doubt how much you’re loved. Look out world, our Emmy is destined to be a game changer in the world for years to come! We all Love Love Love you!

Hopefully, when you look in the mirror you see an image of self love, strength, faith, hope, courage, and wisdom to guide you throughout the day! If not, change it!


It’s one thing to go after a dream with a vengeance and another to give up when it’s within reach. Make decisions that inspire you to stay committed and purpose driven by faith!

Just because you don’t wear your feelings on your sleeve doesn’t mean you don’t have any to share! NO ASSUMPTIONS, PLEASE – TIMING IS EVERYTHING!

Whatever you didn’t accomplish yesterday take a moment now to consider what’s still a priority. When you do, weave the threads of it into whatever you intend to accomplish today!

We all need a hero in our lives! We need someone we respect and turn to when the world turns upside down without warning. We need to experience a lighthouse in the mist of our storms. We need the trust, tenderness, and warmth a mother knows so well. We need her to leave footprints we can follow and expand on our personal journey to victory. We need to see the fruit of the spirit amp up the light in every mother’s eyes as our love washes over every mother everywhere. Thank you for being our loyal, trusted friends, champions, and teachers. Maylove wash over each of you like waterfalls all day and every day! Thank God for Mothers!

Don’t hide from the world afraid, no matter what life throws your way. Instead, pray for peace, have faith, and be encouraged to put on the full armor of God! Your journey is far from over!

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